Woody Nook Nooky Delight Port Non Vintage

Woody Nook Port
Australian Freight Rates
 All States
Up to 6 bottles$10
Up to 12 bottles$15
Up to 2 cases$30
Up to 3 cases$40
Over 3 cases$50
Overseas Freight Rates
Mix and match wineries.
No minimim order.

Australia: AU$ 26.95
Overseas: AU$ 20.73

The land now occupied by Woody Nook Wines Estate was formerly home to a sawmill and sleeper cutters. In 1978 Jeff and Wynn Gallagher, wishing to make a change from their floor-covering business in Perth, purchased the property with a vineyard in mind and began the arduous task of clearing and preparing the land. The first cuttings were planted in 1982 and the first crush took place in 1987, the first winery building having been built the year before. The Gallaghers constructed this and their new home from timber and rammed mud brick, both materials being available on the property. There are still about sixty acres of jarrah and marri forest forming a magnificent backdrop to the winery and restaurant. Continued...

Nookies Delight. One of Margaret Rivers best known ports. A full-bodied fortified wine - the perfect nightcap!
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