Berry Farm No1 Porthouse Dark Plum Port Non Vintage

Berry Farm Dark Plum Port 500ml
Australian Freight Rates
 All States
Up to 6 bottles$10
Up to 12 bottles$15
Up to 2 cases$30
Up to 3 cases$40
Over 3 cases$50
Overseas Freight Rates
Mix and match wineries.
No minimim order.

Australia: AU$ 24.50
Overseas: AU$ 18.83


Tasting Notes

Number 1 in our exclusive Club House series, this exceptionally rich full flavoured fortified wine is a luxurious press of juicy Satsuma Plums.


Cellaring Club House Dark Plum will continue to improve in the bottle for 10 years.

Winemaker's Notes

The wine is wood aged by the traditional Portuguese Solera method whereby each season the barrel is partially topped up with new season�s wine, allowing wonderful aged characters to develop.

Woody Nook Port
Nooky Delight Port Our Price: AU$ 26.95
Overseas: AU$ 20.73

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