Bettenay Wines

Our vineyard and remaining property form part of the original GROUP SETTLEMENT SCHEME of the Capes Region in 1922. The original settlers were ill equipped and unaware of the hardships they would encounter and set out to clear their land for traditional British farming of cows and sheep. They found things very hard and certainly not England.

From the mid 1930’s onward, new families arrived with this property used for crossbreeding Merinos with various English breeds to develop sheep that would thrive in our environment and produce premium fat lambs. South West lamb is still on most menus in this culinary paradise.

I can firmly attest to the delicious and delicate flavours that ooze from the most tender of lamb, (best with our Cabernet/Merlot).

We have continued the family tradition but have embraced wine grape growing and the burgeoning tourist industry with our vineyard chalets. Vines were planted in 1984 and new plantings have been added as required. Our vineyard philosophy believes that the soil is the backbone to vine health and development - with our near perfect maritime climate (for grape growing and lifestyle) nurturing the vine and fruit to full flavour ripeness and a richness and intensity by other regions.

During Winter months the vineyard is alive with a great diversity of plant life that culminates in Spring with the bursting forth of the dormant vines into the grand period of growth leading to flowering and the prospect of another great vintage.

Early plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Semillon and Chardonnay are clearly producing wines that are more mature with great varietal complex characters. Our Sauvignon Blancs have been great from the beginning and our Shiraz is in barrel. We eagerly await it's maturation. We look forward to sharing our future with you.