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Hayshed Hill started out life as Sussex Vale in 1973; the winery had a pretty uneventful life for the first 15 years till Perth Dental Surgeon Barry Morrison and wife Liz bought the slightly run down estate in the late 1980’s. With bundles of enthusiasm and funds to follow their dream the estate became Hay Shed Hill and a range of smart, commercially savvy wine hit the market just as the region was really starting to taking off. The second tier Pitchfork range was introduced in the mid 1990’s and is now widely regarded, showcasing some of the best value for money wines produced in the region.

Winemaker Mike Kerrigan cut his teeth at producer Howard Park, with over 12 years spent crafting their iconic reputation. Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz all featured prominently so it was hardly surprising the attraction that Hay Shed Hill presented when offered up for sale in 2006 with mature plantings of his resume varieties that have now formed the back bone of the wineries flag ship ‘Block’ series releases.

Mike and his associates took over in late 2006 inheriting a mixed bag of reds from the quality 04/05 vintages as well as the difficult cool 2006 vintage in barrel, but in time to work with the wondrous quality of the 2007 vintage. ‘Unfortunately our biggest problem with 2007 was working out how much to produce of each wine style..we had no real budget to work from so it was all a bit of stab in the dark!’ Clearly he has been caught short in parts, with the sublime 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, his first ‘go to whoa’ effort, selling out within 3 months of release. I guess hindsight is a wonderful thing but rest assured he wont make the same mistake twice. Behind the laconic easy going Australian character lies a straight shooting man of Irish heritage. Knowing his track record and the wines currently on offer we are looking forward to the future releases with great anticipation. Another of the wineries greatly anticipated initiatives was the recently opened Hay Shed Deli Café, the stylishly refurbished shell of the original winery. The Wilyabrup Valley has long needed a central, relaxed and casual eatery and the Deli Café delivers in spades under the watchful eye of well known local foodie, Nick Young. A kiwi cheese maker, Nick has big plans for ‘real’ cheese production on site, cheese making classes and many down to earth gourmet initiatives; Nick another niche wood fired bakery close to home please!?

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