Australian taxes are removed for overseas customers

All wine purchases shipped outside Australia attracts rebates of Australian taxes which is arounnd 23% of the catalogue (AUD) price. The overseas price will be the catalogue price in AUD, and will always include the tax discount if shipping overseas. Your price will depend on the exchange rate at the time you make the purchase; the price given if you are using another currency when shopping should only be used as a guide.

A few points to note.

  • We can only ship a maximum of 11 cases per address, due to Australian export regulations. Some countries might be less due to import restrictions, we will let you know if you go over.
  • Please allow an average of 21 - 35 days for delivery. Closer countries (like Singapore) will be considerably quicker
  • All wine consignments travel by air, with individual bottles cocooned in export standard casing.
  • Please note that there may be local or state taxes payable on arrival and before delivery.
  • If you can not see your country listed, we probably cannot ship that country. Feel free to email us if you believe that to be incorrect.

Freight Rates for Overseas Sales

All overseas sales are shipped by air, in polystyrene packaging, for protection from heat and breakage.

It is important to remember that the tax rebate (which is around 23% of the listed prices), is only available to wine that is shipped overseas, whether or not the customer (payor) is overseas. So local customers can still get the rebate if they are shipping overseas (for example a gift).

Hotels and commercial entities should contact us for larger orders (pallets or containers) as we have successfully shipped wines in the past in these quantities.

There are a few countries we cannot ship to. They include Canada, Indonesia, most middle eastern countries