M R Wines 12 Easy Drinking Wines For Consumption Any Day Of The Week. Current Vintage

Easy Drinking Dozen
Australian Freight Rates
 All States
Up to 6 bottles$20
Up to 12 bottles$25
Up to 2 cases$40
Up to 3 cases$60
Over 3 cases$70
Overseas Freight Rates
Mix and match wineries.
No minimim order.

Good Value

Australia: AU$ 165.00
Overseas: AU$ 125.21

Contains the following:

1 Deep Woods Ebony Cabernet Shiraz 2011
1 Valley of the Giants Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
1 Amarok Estate Chenin Blanc
1 Evans and Tate Classic Sauvignon Blank Semilon
1 Brookland Valley verse 1 Shiraz
1 New School Classic Dry Red
1 New School ClassicDry White
1 Flinders bay Sauvignon Blanc
1 Clownfish Semilon Sauvignon Blanc
1 Flinders Bay Cabernet Sauvignon
1 Miles From Nowhere Cabernet Merlot
1 Devils Lair Fifth Leg Red Blend

Donnelly River Port
Port Our Price: AU$ 20.99

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Happs Pale Gold 2015
Pale Gold - White Port Our Price: AU$ 23.50

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